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Plastic Surgery in Seattle – Four Choices should not

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Seattle is a beautiful green city sprawled next to Puget Sound. Since the advent of the dot com sector economic, Seattle has been an important breeding ground for new industries and technology companies. The fact that Microsoft has its headquarters in suburban Seattle Redmond is a city magnet for new high-tech businesses and services.

It is also a city with a large population of young, ambitious, attractive professionals. He gave birth to the “grunge” movement of rock and while high-tech industries are known for their casual dress, assets Seattle residents are also aware that young look and move to New York shakers.You can find more in Seattle breast augmentation Cosmetic plastic surgery is a booming business in the Seattle area, if you are looking for the right plastic surgeon or procedure to improve personal, you will find many choices out there. (more…)


Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Arthroscopy is a term of Greek origin that means “looking into the joints,” the late twentieth century has become a very popular surgical technique, especially since it is mainly used for clinical investigations of many athletes.

As the name implies, when the doctor uses this test with a small and simple incision, about half a centimeter wide, can see and therefore diagnose the disease directly from the injured joint. (more…)